John Ford to face new charges Thursday; sentencing on bribery conviction pending

Former Tennessee State Senator John Ford is a busy man dealing with federal corruption cases.

The first, a conviction in Memphis, and the next a case in Nashville.

It's not the way most people would want to spend a birthday but John Ford will be in Nashville Wednesday to face six more felony counts accusing him of concealing $800,000 in kickbacks from state contractors.

It could be a theme for a country music song in the music city. But it is real.

The Memphis and Nashville cases could end up working together if prosecutors are willing to offer a deal.

We talked to Federal Prosecutor Eli Richardson and asked him if Ford might plead guilty to his case in Nashville in exchange for a lighter sentence in the Memphis case. Richardson says he didn't know, but deals like that are not unheard of.

In another possible deal with prosecutors, Ford could agree not to appeal his Memphis conviction in exchange for prosecutors dropping the Nashville charges.

In the Nashville case, Ford is accused of taking kickbacks from Doral Dental and Omnicare;Tenncare health providers that prosecutors say worked out a deal for a very lucrative long term contract with the state.

Ford maintains he was just acting as a consultant.

Ford will be sentenced on July 31st for his bribery conviction from the Tennessee Waltz trial  in Memphis.

The judge will take under consideration the fact Ford went to trial instead of pleading not guilty.

Ford faces a maximum of 10 years. There are also sentencing guidelines the judge can follow. They are advisory though, not mandatory.


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