Council chairman says MLGW PR person needs to stop "spinning"

Today's developments sent shock waves through the community.

But they were particularly impactful for the city council and its chairman, Tom Marshall. He supports the mayor, but had some explosive words for one MLG&W administrator.

Marshall says he's glad the mayor finally accepted MLG&W President Joseph Lee's resignation and announced the resignation of the utility's Chief Council Odell Horton, Junior.

"I applaud the mayor for his actions," he said. He even had a heart for Lee. "He was put in a position he could not fulfill. Ultimately, I feel sorry for him in that respect, but at the same time the ratepayers shouldn't be made to pay for these mistakes."

But, Marshall says he still has one problem. He calls it MLGW's spin machine, Communications Director Gale Jones Carson.

"If she can simply respond to the technical delivery of services rather than constantly putting spin and sending midnight emails to try to manipulate the media and the public perception, I believe public perception will follow in a very positive light."

He says Carson's department is putting more focus on cleaning up the public perception of a poor administration, than the delivery of good services.

"I think there's a pattern between Gale's history with the mayor and then her history with Joseph Lee. I don't think that she is giving him very good guidance if in fact a lot of these decisions were made with her influence."

Carson was Herenton's Spokesperson before taking a Communications Director position at MLG&W.

She was not available for an on-camera interview, but said "I work long hours, 24/7. Everything I've done has been an extension of my job as head of communications."

Carson added that, as Communications Director, she feels it's her duty to keep city leaders abreast of what's happening at MLG&W and city government.

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