MY TURN: Blackmail? Just when you thought the MLGW scandal couldn't get any worse...

WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV General Manager Lee Meredith

And now, blackmail.

Just when you thought the MLGW scandal couldn't get any worse, it did.

We have no way of knowing for certain whether MLGW President Joseph Lee tried to blackmail Board Member Nick Clark, but if forced to take sides, I know who I'm going believe.

We do have an excellent way of knowing whether Lee and the utility's general counsel Odell Horton, Jr. tried to pull a fast one on all of us who pay utility bills.

They put this deal on paper and signed it.  It says that the utility will pay Lee's legal bills, and includes the sneaky provision that no single bill may exceed $24,999.

That provision is there expressly for the purpose of keeping the matter away from oversight by the city council and out of the public eye.

Nick Clark thought this deal stunk, and so do I.

With Joseph Lee's resignation, Mayor Willie Herenton now has a great opportunity to step outside of his political circle to hire a competent, experienced candidate to lead the city's most important division. We urge him to do just that.

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