Cordova "Bird Cam" captures live nature show

For the second year in a row, a Mid-South bird lover is transmitting images of a nest at his home to the world, via the internet.

Tom Medlin's "Bird Cam" is pointed at a finch nest that was built in a hanging basket on his front porch.  The nest contains four finch eggs, which Medlin estimates will hatch sometime early this week.

At various times during the day, the mother bird can be seen coming and going as she prepares for the eggs to hatch.

Medlin's website includes a chatroom, where visitors can interact while they view the webcam's images.

According to Medlin, thousands of people visited his website last year, as viewers watched a similar nest on his front porch.  A map on Medlin's website shows visitors logged on from as far away as Europe and Australia.

Click here to watch the "Bird Cam."