Man accused of killing in-laws in court

Charged with three counts of murder and one of attempted murder, Randy Gwathney made a plea of not guilty, upsetting family members of the victims who also happen to be his family by marriage.

Sharon Mitchell's sister and grandparents were killed.  "It's like lying in front of God, the Judge and everyone else because he was caught red handed. He's guilty, everybody knows he guilty," she said.

Prosecutors say Gwathney was after his estranged wife, Lisa, on February 13.

They say he broke into a house and shot and killed his mother-in law as well as her grandparents.

Terry Mitchell Jr.'s aunt and grandparents died in the shooting.  "They all accepted him very much so, that's why the dogs didn't bark. He was part of the family and maliciously come in there.  All the way to the point our grandmother was an alzheimer's patient, she was in the bed," he said.

In court, Gwathney could be seen laughing and smiling at times.  At one point, he waved at his estranged wife.

Attorneys say they are moving forward in the case, going through hundreds of pages of evidence and pictures.

The judge set August 20th as the trial date in this case.  We're told it could take up to two weeks.

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