Barbour: Cigarette tax increase possible if part of package

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says he's open to a future cigarette tax increase IF it's part of a comprehensive package to give Mississippians "a significant tax cut."

The Republican has steadily vetoed bills that would've INCREASED Mississippi's cigarette tax from 18-cents-a-pack to a-dollar-a-pack and DECREASED the 7 percent grocery tax.

Mississippi has the third-lowest cigarette excise tax and the highest state grocery tax in the nation.

Barbour - who's seeking a second term - said during the legislative session this year that officials should conduct a comprehensive study of the Mississippi tax code, and that such as study might lead to tax cuts in a year or two.

He told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal newspaper editorial board yesterday Tuesday that a tax study is needed to make sure the tax cut is done fairly.

Lawmakers would have to approve any changes in the state tax structure.

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