Updated 05/22/07: Giant panda YaYa still giving no indication of if or when she will give birth

5/22/07 Update

Panda Watch continues at the Memphis Zoo, as official watch and wait for a sign that panda Ya Ya is close to giving birth.

In the latest updates to the Panda Keeper's Log on MemphisZoo.org, Keeper Kim Sopchak notes that Ya Ya is eating significantly less bamboo and is sleeping more than normal.  According to the Log, the panda is "amazingly cooperative" as keepers continue to look for signs that she is pregant.

Keepers are not sure that Ya Ya is pregnant.  Baby pandas are extremely small, and often confimation of pregnancy does not come until shortly before the animal delivers.

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5/15/07 Update

Zoo Keeper Dara Reinbold, of the Memphis Zoo's China exhibit, updated the Zoo's "Panda Keeper's Log" Sunday.

According to Reinbold, YaYa is still giving no indication if or when she might give birth.  The panda still acts pregnant, but an ultrasound showed no pregnancy.  Reinbold said negative ultrasounds are not abnormal because panda cubs are hard to find in the womb.

In the post, Reinbold reminded Zoo visitors that YaYa will be out of the public's view quite often during her possible pregnancy, and commented on the great health of the Zoo's other panda, LeLe.

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5/10/07 Update

The Memphis Zoo did an ultrasound Wednesday afternoon and did not see anything. This means the panda could be pregnant and they just didn't see anything or it could mean the panda is not pregnant.

Zoo officials say they won't know if Ya-Ya is pregnant until at most, five days before birth. Most likely they won't know until she gives birth.

Panda Watch continues.