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'The Weather Man' -viewer submitted story

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May 2007 | Shelia Sipes wrote:

Here is the story I found that my son, Tristan Sipes, now 23 wrote when he was in the second grade. We get a big kick out of reading this even now. Tristan can't believe he actually wrote this.

Dave has been a part of my family for many years. He is the only weather man that we watch.

I hope he enjoys this little story.

Shelia Sipes

Tristan Ryan Sipes

"The Weather Man"

One day I was walking to the store.  I looked up.  The clouds looked perfect.  I went in the store.  I got some food.  When i came out their was a face in the clouds.  People thaught it was Dave Brown.  It wasn't.  I yelled what is your name.  He anserwed My name is God.  He said: "I brought your friend back."  I said, "What friend."  Dave Brown you know the weather man.  I didn't know he died.  Well I brought him back to life.  Why?  He dose the weather.  Why don't you do that to other people.  I done that to him because he is your weather man.  So nothing else ever happend agian.

The End

Click here to see the original hand-written version of Tristan's story.

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