Houston High student suspended over threatening letters

This afternoon, Germantown police talked with Action News Five about a threatening letter, mailed from one Houston High School student to another.

Germantown police say a senior at Houston High made some pretty bizarre violent threats against a teacher and other classmates.

The threats were described in a letter that police say the male student sent to the home of one of his female classmates.

The girl's mother reported it to the school. When police got involved a teacher presented them with a disturbing essay that the student wrote two days ago.

When investigators went to the boy's home to question him, he continued to make threats.

"Very casual conversation just talking about just some very bizarre statements about that he was a vigilante that he needed to take certain actions to rid the world of evil and several other things and then specifically named some of the students," said Captain Lee Covey with the Germantown Police Department.

Investigators also found several knives at the student's home.

He is currently undergoing a mental evaluation and hasn't been charged.

We spoke to Shelby County School Administrators today who tell us the student has been suspended for the rest of the year.