Millington's top cop says Memphis crime-fighting efforts are sending criminals his way

Operation Rock Star was a joint effort between Memphis and Millington police.

But with Millington fighting more crime than ever, some residents say they have the Bluff City to blame.

Police will tell you crime knows no boundaries and that's evident by Thursday's busts in Millington that police say are linked to Memphis.

"It worked, they ran them all out to Millington, I have to deal with them," said Millington Police Chief Rick Jewel who talked Thursday about Memphis' ongoing Blue Crush efforts and Operation Rock Star, which is a part of that effort.

During the "Rock Star" roundup, two-thirds of the people arrested for committing crimes in Millington came from Memphis.

"They just have to be diligent tracking these people," said Millington resident Terry Bradley, who is not surprised about the drugs or the busts.

She sees it all as a breakdown in society.

"Seems like morals, community everything it's just really sad nowadays and I hate it."

Some here see it as a catch-22.

You drive criminals from one area only for them to resurface in another.

"Criminals they gonna leave from one area and go to another just like animals do, i'm not calling anyone an animal, but when you clean an area in the wild then everything keep moving to another area," said resident Thomas Banks, Jr.

If that's so, Chief Jewel plans to push criminals right on out of Millington.

"There's no safe haven anywhere in this county. Whether it be Memphis or Millington. We're going to be there waiting for you, come on down. We'll do it again," he said.

"Millington's chief says he'll work with the Memphis Police, Sheriff's Office, anyone that will fight crime in Shelby County.

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