Firefighters say arsonist is at work in South Memphis

Two fires in one day with a similar M.O. It's a disturbing pattern that suggests an arsonist is at work in South Memphis.

White smoke billowed from the top of a vacant house in South Memphis. That's where firefighters spent most of their Friday morning.

"We had a one story frame vacant that was well involved," said Division Chief Henry Posey with the Memphis Fire Department.

No one was inside and no one was injured when a home at Warford and Preston caught fire around 10:00 AM Friday morning.

Firefighters fought the flames from the ground but were forced to use aerial equipment to knock down the flames.

The gutted one-story structure was barely standing when it was all over. And it wasn't the first fire of the day.

"This is the second fire of this nature this morning. We had another one around 7:30 in a vacant structure less than half a mile away from here."

The first house fire of the day was not as devastating at Essex and Patton.

But it reveals a suspicious pattern that has fire investigators wondering if they have an arsonist on their hands.

"They'll be looking into that we've got fire investigators on the scene its quite possible that is the case they'll determine it and we'll go from there," said Posey.

No one was hurt in either fire. But it is one of several in South Memphis in recent weeks, a trend that fire investigators fear will continue if a fire starter is on the loose.

No word yet on exactly what was used to start either fire.

They are both still under investigation.

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