Wharton optimistic about future of ambulance contracts

Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton talked with Action News Five this afternoon about progress when it comes to ambulance services in the county.

Germantown and Collierville are looking to continue receiving ambulance services from Rural Metro, the company that holds a contract with Shelby County.

Concerns over the emergency service company began with worries about ambulance response times.

Tonight, Mayor Wharton says he's pleased the cities are leaning towards sticking with Rural Metro.

Wharton also says addressing concerns with the company could be costly, But he say quality service comes first for Shelby County residents.

"If we have to ask for more money, I will just stand up, I'll look the public right in the eye and say yes I'm asking for more, but by george, you're going to get more for it," he said.

Wharton says he's keeping his fingers crossed that all the municipalities will continue to work together for the greater good in Shelby County.

By the way, Shelby County's contract with Rural Metro expires in June.