In twist of fate, dog saves man

You'll see thousands of truck drivers going down the interstate.

William Arnold of Memphis is no different.

Recently, he was on a 1,500 mile trip with his dog from Memphis to Oregon.

He almost didn't make it.

Arnold has been a truck driver for 10 years. "It's the freedom of being on the road."

Sitting next to him is his dog "Trucker," the "best friend" he found three years ago, alone and abandoned at a truck stop in Olive Branch.

"I just told him c'mon let's get in the truck," he said.

They've been together ever since, riding, sleeping and seeing the country.

"He loves to stop in the rest areas, see the sites."

But during a recent trip, something went terribly wrong. "I was tired, fatigued, nauseated. Trucker was acting real strange. He was barking, clawing at the air vents," he said.

Arnold was in Wyoming at the time and decided to pull over and take a nap in the back of the truck.

"Trucker" was trying to wake him up. "He's pulling on my left arm and pulled me halfway out of the bunk...barking, going crazy going nuts."

That's when Arnold took a deep breath and knew right away.

"[I] tasted the exhaust fumes. It was a burning sensation in my nose and throat," he said.

Arnold and "Trucker" had carbon monoxide poisioning. It was leaking through the air vents. "He knew something was wrong. He was trying to warn me."

Arnold called 9-1-1. He was given oxygen. "Trucker" was taken to the vet.

"It ate up the lining of his respiratory system. It manifested itself in sores and scabs all over his skin."

After a round of painkillers and antibiotics, "Trucker" was feeling better.

Arnold feels lucky to be alive. "I really think about the day I found him. What if I would have walked away, would I be alive today?"

It's a story about a man saving a dog's life and a dog that returned the favor.

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