O.C. Smith says Ashley Scott autopsy is incomplete

Ashley Scott's autopsy report details the dozens of bruises documented on her body.

Tonight, we turned to an expert with more than 20 years experience as a medical examiner to give us exclusive analysis about what's in the report and what's not.

A popular English teacher at Bolton High School, Ashley Scott was loved by her pupils and peers.

But everything changed when she died last Thanksgiving at the age of 28.

Investigators insist she died at the hands of her husband Jeffery who admitted to fighting with her hours before she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The full autopsy report states "the cause of death: blunt force injuries."

"You can get this type of injury either from a blow or from a fall or propelled against a stationary object," said Former Shelby County Medical Examiner O.C. Smith.

Smith spent more than two decades investigating homicides in the Mid-South.

"Ms. Scott did sustain injuries to her head that caused bleeding about the brain that was sufficient to cause death she also had brain swelling which is sufficient to cause death," said Smith.

The report explains the more than 50 bruises and abrasions on Ashley Scott's head and body, but Dr. Smith wanted to see more tests conducted to see how long the bruises had been there.

"How old are they and when did they occur? And are all of these attributable to violent injury or are some of these attributable to daily living?" Smith asked.

In fact, Smith thought the autopsy wasn't thorough enough.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the most detailed autopsy - where would you rate this autopsy?" asked reporter Andrew Douglas.

"Six," answered Smith. "With a partial autopsy that just focuses on the injury patterns you are leaving a whole side of the equation out of the picture."

The report also states Scott had no drugs in her system and a .06 blood alcohol content, below the legal limit.

Dr. Smith says the blood test was more than 12 hours after the reported fight between she and her husband. He says the alcohol level would have been higher earlier in the day.