Grand Junction cop says official is retaliating over drinking citation

A small town alderman's run-in with police has spiraled into blackmail allegations involving nude internet photos.

The Hardeman County District Attorney General's Office is investigating.

The problems began late last month in Grand Junction Park.

An officer was making rounds during a town celebration.

"And when he was entering the park, Vice Mayor Cheryl Smith, reached over and grabbed a Bud Light and turned it up in front of my officer," said Police Chief Pat Ryan.

Ryan says the officer cited Smith with an open container violation.

The sign at the park says "no alcohol."

"The vice mayor and her husband Bo said, 'we're gonna get even," said Ryan.

Chief Ryan says right before the next alderman meeting, Smith dropped a folder on the Mayor's desk. "There was two pornographic pictures of a man's body, but his head was cut off."

He says the vice mayor claimed she found them on the internet, nude photos she claimed featured the officer who gave her the ticket.

"Demanded you either fire this officer tonight or I will give a copy of this to every board member tomorrow."

The officer told the Chief that was not him in the photos. We tried to reach the vice mayor, but she wasn't home.

She told us by phone that this situation has been twisted and blown out of proportion.

Ryan says the law is for everyone. "Nobody in this community is above the law. Nobody."

He's now talking with the city attorney and District Attorney General to sort it all out.

"I want his name cleared. To me, this was a retaliation," said Ryan.

Grand Junction will hold a special meeting to decide what to make of this unusual state of affairs.

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