Vanderbilt grads now both dubbed 'Dr. Pepper'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - He's a Pepper. She's a Pepper. And after graduating from Vanderbilt University today, Matthew and Tracy Pepper are now doctors too.

Matthew Pepper received a doctorate of education, while wife Tracy finished medical school.

Matthew Pepper says Doctor Pepper T-shirts are are practically his family's uniform and he and his brothers even have "I'm a Pepper" tattooed on their shoulders.

He once wrote to the Doctor Pepper company suggesting his family for a commercial, but he never heard back.

The Doctors Pepper are loyal drinkers of the same-named carbonated beverage.

Their newly minted titles may also come with a bonus. The couple was told the would get in free to the Doctor Pepper museum in Waco, Texas if they became doctors.

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