Update: Mid-South mother shot and killed; estranged husband charged

A fight turned deadly Saturday morning at the Lynnfield apartments just south of St. Francis Hospital.

Martino Kelley is in custody for the death of his wife.

Neighbors heard gunshots just after 8:00 a.m.

"Officers learned that a suspect had barricaded himself inside an apartment. Also learned that he had shot a female inside the apartment," says Lt. Toney Armstrong with Memphis Police Department.

Lakeissa Brooks Kelley had been shot to death inside her estranged husband's apartment. The former Hamilton High School student was 26-years-old.

Jo Stewart says her granddaughter had been separated from her husband.

"I raised her and her brother," says Stewart. "It is a violent relationship."

But because the couple had children they continued to see one another.

"He had beat her up one time real real bad," adds Stewart.

Investigators say it was the suspect who called 911. When police arrived he surrendered and was taken into custody.

A weapon was recovered inside the apartment. It was a tragic end to an often stormy relationship.

"All I know she had told me when she first got married it was like peaches and cream and a year later all hell just broke loose," adds Stewart.

The victim and the suspect had three children.

Investigators still aren't sure if the kids were inside the apartment and witnessed their mother's murder.

Jo Stewart hopes she can now raise her great-grandchildren; an 8-year-old and two 5-year olds whose mother has been murdered and whose father is in jail.

Bond for Kelley has not been set.


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