Family of missing mother pleads for information

This mother's day was painful for Ricarda Tillman Locket's family. Since she disappeared last February family members have kept her one-year-old son.

Family members are keeping up hopes that someone will come forward with information about this missing mother's mysterious disappearance.

Locket's uncle Curtis Pritchard and his wife Richenda have been keeping Lockett's son Donnell ever since she was reported missing.

"You don't have no body, you don't know what's - you don't really know what happened. Its just awful," says Pritchard.

Pritchard says mother's day is a harsh reminder of what that child is going through.

"On Mother's Day or any day like this you want to take a dinner with your mother and just be there and this baby he don't know where his mother is," adds Pritchard.

For this Mother's Day, the child's aunts took him to visit his grandmothers in Iowa.

Relatives say they want police here in Memphis to be more aggressive in their investigation. And they want more answers from her estranged husband Lou Lockett.

Police say he is a person of interest in the investigation.

He was the one who picked his wife up from Jillians that night she disappeared.

Pritchard adds, "and I'm not one to say that he did something to her but I will say this- that if he's the last to see her then he knows more about her where abouts than we do."

Family members and police have circulated posters regarding Richarda Lockett's disappearance. They say she and her husband have a history of domestic violence.

Lou Locket has told police that he thinks his wife ran away and is somewhere hiding.

Ricarda Locket's family says the 22-year old mother was too attached to her only child to leave him.

Police say if you know anything about Locket's diappearance you are asked to call crime stoppers at 528-CASH.


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