Anna Mae He custody ruling reaffirmed as local group lobbies for censure of Bakers

The Anna Mae He custody battle took a new twist tonight as the Baker family faced another defeat and another failure in their efforts to keep custody.

Tonight, the Supreme Court announced it will uphold its ruling to return the eight-year-old to her natural parents.

Still, a local civil rights group is calling for even further action.

Memphis Rainbow PUSH President LaSimba Gray says enough is enough. "It's devastating this child."

He's calling for Juvenile Court to slap Jerry and Louise Baker or their attorney with a contempt of court order after someone leaked information to the media about what's happening behind the scenes in the Anna Mae He custody battle.

"To violate that order is blatant, but also very subtle in trying to gain public support to go to the Supreme Court," he said.

The first time around, Judge Curtis Person scolded the Bakers for sharing recent photos of Anna Mae.

Then last week, someone released Louise Baker's journal to the press.

It said Anna Mae He was distraught after visits with her biological parents.

So, the judge imposed a gag order.

"The court is very concerned about the child, about the welfare of the child," said Larry Scroggs, Chief Counsel for the Juvenile Court. He says the court is following Supreme Court law.

Gray says it's slow going.

It's been six months since the Supreme Court gave the Hes custody of their daughter.

Scroggs says the process can't be rushed.

"He will do it appropriately," Scroggs said of the judge. "It'll be based upon the welfare and the progress the child is making."

A regularly scheduled status hearing will take place Wednesday.

At that meeting, Judge Person will hear from the guardian ad litem and the court appointed psychologist to see how the little girl's doing.

He's also expected to ask the Bakers about violating the agreement to steer clear of the press.

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