Thieves rip off air conditioning unit from Mid-South church again

A Mid-South church replaced it's stolen air conditioner last week only to have the copper stolen out of the new one.

Church leaders want the thefts to stop.

Anyone with an air conditioner can learn something from this story. And its a problem that appears to be getting worse.

Church members at the Gospel Church of Deliverance discovered another theft when they arrived to church Monday morning.

"I got to church this morning and took a look and the units was gone and they got all of the copper and stuff out of the units," says Deacon Reginald Johnson.

For church members this is the second time this month thieves have destroyed their air conditioners to get copper.

Repairman Rick Stone adds, "well they have already been out 10 thousand dollars now they are going to be out 6 thousands dollars so it adds up pretty quick."

Church leaders hired Rick Stone's Heating and Air company to try and repair these air conditioners. He was also the one who installed the church units that were stolen a week ago.

Stone says copper thieves do thousands of dollars in damage just to get about $60 worth of copper.

Stone adds, "The church has already been out $10,000. Now they are going to be out $6,000 so it adds up pretty quick."

Stone says more and more churches, homes and businesses have been hit by copper thieves.

He feels the best way to stop the theft is to crack down on scrap yards that buy stolen copper.

"Its prevalent throughout the nation because copper prices are so high but the problem is the scrap people if they would buy scrap copper that is brand new you know that would put an end to this nonsense," says Stone.

"Its rough because the church just don't have the finances now we got to file another claim," says Johnson.

Meanwhile, church members will have to find another building to worship in while their air conditioners are being fixed.


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