Website exposes bad behavior & allows you to let off steam

You see them all the time- rude people. Now there's a way for you to vent.

There's a website for drivers who cut you off, flip you off, bad tippers and people who talk on cell phones in restaurants.

You may even be one of those people.

Well, now a Memphis man has a website to expose all that bad behavior. It's called

Jeff Mitchell came up with the idea eight years ago during heavy construction on the 240 South loop near his office.

Mitchell says he encountered rude drivers on a daily basis during that time and wanted to do something about it.

Now, people around the world log on to tell their stories of not only rude drivers, but rude waiters and even office food thieves.

"Maybe people are rude themselves and they don't even realize it and if we put the information out on the website maybe people will see that ' oh, this is rude, maybe I shouldn't be doing this ' and make the world a better place," says Mitchell.

The website is getting national attention too. It has recently been featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as part of a new crop of tattletale websites.

Mitchell says he is not trying to out anyone, and takes great care to remove any identifying information posted on the site.


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