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Ursula Madden reports

EXCLUSIVE: 2 Mid-South boys switched at birth talk to Action News 5

It's a new chapter in a story that made headlines across the country almost a decade ago.

MED officials eventually caught their mistake but only after two moms spent two days with newborns that weren't theirs.

Those babies are now nine-years-old and for the first time ever they're sharing their story with Action News 5 reporter Ursula Madden.

They're doing what nine-year-old boys like to do, like crashing remote control cars in the middle of the street while haveing lots of fun.

Watching them together, you might think they were life-long pals. But Kevin Merriwether, Jr., and Marcus Crawford met for the first time just a few days ago.

In April 1998, Bridget and Kevin Merriwether welcomed Kevin, Jr., into the world at the MED.

Ladonna Harris was in another room at the hospital with her own baby boy, Marcus. But the joys of motherhood would soon turn into a family nightmare.

Somehow, the newborns were switched in their cribs.

The Merriwethers stayed at the hospital with Marcus and Harris went home with Kevin.

"We just knew within our hearts, my husband and I, that we for sure, had the wrong baby," says Bridget Merriwether.

The Merriwethers say they tried to convince nurses there was a mix-up but no one would listen.

Merriwether adds, "it just seemed like my world had crashed, because I didn't even know if he was ever coming back."

Two days passed before doctors confirmed the mistake and asked the families to give the boys back.

Ladonna Harris refused to take home her biological son until a DNA test was performed.

With the drama unfolding in front of cameras coast to coast, the Merriwethers offered to take home both babies.

In 1998, Kevin Merriwether said that he and his wife had enough love for both babies.

Ladonna Harris waited nine days for tests to prove Marcus was indeed her son.

Nine years have now passed and the two boys swithced at birth are starting to become friends.

Bridget Merriwether has written a book about the ordeal in hopes those who read it can learn something from what happened at the MED almost a decade ago.

"It teaches us the importance of family, and home and spiritual wellness," says Merriwether.

Life lessons Kevin Merriwether, Sr., says can be learned by watching Kevin Jr., and Marcus.

"I think it's wonderful, I think it's a blessing that two kids can show adults how to act," adds Merriwether, Sr.

It's a brotherly bond formed from the strangest of circumstances.

"Me and my brother, we play a lot, and that's what we did, so it just feels like a brother in my heart," says Kevin Merriwether.

It's a happy ending to any parent's nightmare.

Kevin and Marcus say they plan to celebrate their birthdays together next year.

Marcus' mother, LaDonna Harris, declined to do an interview at this time.

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