Top Memphis Prep and College Football Players Wear a Different Uniform

As the school year winds down on the High School and College level, some of the city's best Football players are proving to be double threats....

It's the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame dinner Monday night at the U of M Holiday Inn.

11 high school and 2 college students are  decked out in Black Tie and cumber bun..not helmets and shoulder pads...

They're rewarded, not for their work on the field...BUT IN THE CLASSROOM.

If you think you don't need to study because you're an athlete...think again.

Bishop Byrne Quarterback Stephen Duckett says:

"It's relevant because the first thing a college coach asks you is what's your grade point average. If you don't have the grades you're not going to a top school."

St. George's Lineman Taylor Pearson agrees.

"Sports can only take you so far and they both teach you different perspectives on life."

Adds University of Memphis Punter Rusty Clayton..

"I've always worked real hard in the classroom and I owe that to my parents It can take you a long way in life."

Clayton is currently working on a Masters degree at the University of Memphis in criminal justice.

Many of the honorees tonight had grade point averages of 4.0 or better.