Welcome to The Jones Clinic

We see you first as a person - a person who happens to have cancer and who needs the very best that medical science and compassionate hearts can offer. That's an important difference of being treated at the Jones Clinic. Our physicians will actually listen. They want to know about your treatment hopes, and they honestly care about how you are feeling. Making certain that you understand your diagnosis and treatment options are also very important to them. At the Jones Clinic, we will always work to cure your fears along with your cancer.

Our patients have the added advantage of having the most promising cancer treatments available to them. Dr. Michael Jones is an MD Anderson Associate, a distinction not held by any other medical oncologist in the area. As such, our patients have access to a broader spectrum of treatments than otherwise would be available.

Every member of our team is here for you. You will never be rushed, and you will always be treated with respect, kindness and professionalism. Our progressive cancer treatments involve hearts as well as minds, and comfort as well as cures.

Relax. You're at the Jones Clinic.