"The Fishing Trip" - viewer submitted story

Viewer Kathy Sanders writes:

Whenever I think of Dave Brown, I think of my grandparents.Everyone always knew where they were at 12, 5, and 10!!  Watching channel 5 news and weather!

I still remember the time when my grandfather, who taught chemistry at Memphis State, went fishing at Pickwick Lake.  I stayed with my grandmother out in the country while he was gone.  We were sitting in the den one afternoon when the skies went dark and the wind began swaying the trees violently.  My grandmother and I got very worried about granddaddy and turned on the tv to see if we could get any weather.  In those days, they did not have all the updates that we do now and we couldn't get any information.  Without hesitation, I went to the phone and called channel 5.  I asked to speak to Dave Brown.  Lo and behold, I soon heard his soothing voice on the other end.  He assured me that all would be well and I quickly relayed the message to my grandmother.  She calmed down immediately because if Dave had said it, it must! be true.  Granddaddy made it home with a string of fish and got a good laugh out of the Dave Brown story.

Thanks for always being there Dave and thanks for helping two neurotic Memphians oh so many years ago!