"A Big Kiss" - viewer submitted story

Viewer Dana Shelly writes:

As a child, I spend summers with my Grandparents who watched Action News 5 religously and relied on Dave Brown for accurate weather information.    I can remember playing during the newscast, but when the weather came on I was instantly glued to the screen. I couldn't wait for the tall brown-haird weather man to start forcasting.   Not that I cared what the weather was going to do that night, much less all week, I just wanted to see Dave.   Each evening when he came on, I immediately ran to the console T.V. and gave him a big kiss right on the screen.

I'm not sure how long that went on, but I can vividly remember my first "on-screen" crush -- Dave Brown!

I still watch Dave, but mainly rely on him for the weather!

Congratulations Dave and to Action News 5 for having the best of the best!