Convicted killer is looking for love

Laura Jones is currently locked up at the state prison for women.

She's not allowed to go on-line.  But somebody's doing it for her.

And others want it to stop.

Attorney Bobby Blair thought convicted killer Laura Jones was nothing more than a bad memory. "And I flipped it over there and there's Laura in her radiant glory, in her most beautiful pose," he said, pointing to what appears to be a classified ad with a beauty shot of Jones.

This is definitely a far cry from Laura Jones' mug-shot from the mid 90's.

That's when she and another teen were found guilty of breaking into this Hickory Hill apartment and murdering 73-year-old Emily Nunis.

"They went in, killed her, then went back to cut her fingers off to get the rings," said Blair.

Blair had a client in another case involving Jones and is intimately familiar with her other crimes.

He says her profile reads more like a romance novel.

She says she has "a lot of love to share", "would love to meet you" and "believes in being kind to others."

"You read the biography--she is a sweet loving child--you'd never guess she tried to saw off an old lady's finger," said Blair.

Blair says he's a firm believer in first amendment rights, but Laura Jones and other inmates on this site have no right to do this.

"They're all requesting correspondence from people outside," he said.

State prison officials believe someone on the "outside" must be helping.

"There's not much we can do about limiting their access to the Internet via 3rd party," said one official. The state plans to investigate Blair's complaint..

Until then, Jones can keep looking for love on-line.

We spoke with the niece of Laura Jones' victim tonight.

She was equally outraged by this.

The warden has been been notified as a result of this story. He's going to look into what Jones is telling the public.

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