Mayor Herenton declares war on crime

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton declared war on crime today.

We sat down with Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton to find out what he plans to do to loosen the grip of crime on the city of Memphis.

This comes after 150 residents stormed city hall Tuesday after their neighbor was raped and robbed.

Herenton calls the rape and robbery of a Chickasaw-area woman dreadful.

He says our state needs tougher gun laws to keep people police arrest from getting back out on the streets.

Herenton stressed that his concerns are not just for one community, but for all of Memphis.

Many people who crashed a City Council Public Safety Committee Tuesday wondered why he didn't show.

He said had he gone into the meeting he felt at least one of the council persons would have used that as an opportunity to politicize what he called "a really a dreadful event."

"I have deep sympathy for the victim, for the family as I do all families that are victims of crime," says Herenton.

Residents also wanted to know when he'll put more officers on the streets. He admits the city is having trouble recruiting with low pay.

Herenton says he needs the community's help to fight crime and urged them to develop neighborhood watches.