Cory Spinks Hopes Family Legacy Works in Border Battle vs Jermain Taylor

All things being equal in Sports, there's an old saying that goes, "Good Big usually beats good little."

That's definitely not an adage that veteran boxer Cory Spinks adheres to...

And he's got the lineage to back him up going into this weekends' big Border Battle at FedExForum against Jermain Taylor.

Look at him.. Just LOOK at him.

Everything about Cory Spinks exudes confidence.

And if you're still not sure, all you have to do is just ask him.

"I've trained hard... done everything i need to do. that's all i need to say. It's time for action."

Spinks is the current IBF Jr. Middleweight Champion...

The key word here being, Junior...

Spinks is moving UP in weight class to fight Jermain Taylor, the Undisputed Middleweight champ.

His 36-and-3 record is definitely impressive..

But, at 5'9" and half, he gives up several inches to Taylor, and must gain 6-pounds for the fight.

"Hey, that's no problem...i've sparred against guys much bigger than that. I'm ready for the weight, i can handle it."

If ever there was anyone who could pull off an upset, it's Spinks...

The family name alone Speaks for itself.

Cory is the son of Leon Spinks..who shocked the world in 19-78 by moving up a class and beating Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali.

Cory is also the Nephew of Michael Spinks, who did the same thing a few years later in defeating then Ring King Larry Holmes..

Cory hopes the Spinks Jinks just runs in the family.

"It's my time now... it may skip a generation...but this is my time to shine. i'm going to do it!"

Spinks father, Leon, will be in the corner with him for the first time.

The Border Battle, Spinks vs Taylor, is Saturday night at FedExForum.