Germanshire parents sound off over cheating allegations

There are new details about a Memphis City School teacher accused of helping her students cheat on the TCAP test.

District leaders are now saying they have strong evidence of what they call a "breach of testing security" and have asked the state to throw out the TCAP scores of 25 fourth graders at Germanshire Elementary.

Germanshire Elementary parents, already angered over the TCAP cheating allegations, are even more frustrated to learn it may cost one of their children's favorite teachers her job.

"I think it's a mistake, detrimental to kids, to parents and we're just not going to accept it," says Germanshire parent, Sandra Hall. "She's somebody that you want to clone and just pass along, so we're upset," adds Hall.

But Memphis City School testing administrators say the teacher broke the law.

"There had been a number of erasure marks on booklets, and stray marks, confirmation came from statements students made in classroom," says Memphis City School Executive Director of Research.

Tandra Harris has a son in the accused teacher's class and she says, "everyone was forced to make statements that they were persuaded to make is what he told me."

Harris adds, "I don't want my child interrogated without my presence."

Some parents feel the testing process itself is flawed, setting teachers up for failure.

"She didn't even have a proctor in the classroom so see in attacking a problem, we have got to start at the beginning why didn't she have a proctor was this sabotage in disguise exactly what are we looking at here," adds Hall.

The state doesn't require a proctor, or second set of eyes watching students, nor does the district, claiming it's difficult to find enough volunteers.

"Really you take the number of classrooms that you're testing and multiply by two, that's the number of adults you're going to need if you're going to have proctors in every room," says Hall.

Test scores of the 25 students in the accused teacher's class will not count toward Germanshire's overall performance scores.

MCS assures parents they will use other measures to evaluate those students performances for this school year.

As for the teacher, she is suspended with pay until the district's Labor Relations board makes a final decision on her future.


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