Barking dogs cause controversy in Uptown Memphis

One neighborhood says the community can't sleep because of one nieghbor's barking dogs. Now, they want something done.

Uptown Memphis is looking up these days. New houses are being built, old one's are being renovated, and crime is low.

But, residents say there's one problem that won't go away.

James Buchanan hears it every day he says it sounds like the dogs are in the house with him.

The dogs, around 10-to-15 of them, just a few feet from Buchanan's backyard.

"You can't even bring people here to entertain. They say 'what is that noise going on back there'," says Buchanan. "Sometimes it's like a symphony over there," he adds.

And, it's not only during the day when Buchanan hears the dogs.

"I'm a light sleeper. You hear these dogs. How do you sleep," says Buchanan.

Recently, Buchanan videotaped the dogs barking overnight.

The house sits on 5th street in Uptown.

Action News 5 reporter Nick Paranjape was about to knock on the door to talk to the owner, until he noticed the chained up Rottweiler guarding the front door.

"It comes up in every meeting," says neighbor Julie Ray.

Ray owns a home and a business in Uptown. She also co-chairs the Uptown Community Association.

Ray says the barking dogs are a hot topic with residents.

She's called police, code enforcement, and animal services.

Ray adds, "we're running into dead ends with every single entity. In fact, at one point I contacted PETA but they won't get involved with police matters."

Police have cited the dogs owner for violating the noise ordinance.

So far, it hasn't solved the problem.

Buchanan and Ray believe the dogs are used for fighting, although they have no proof.

We did call Memphis Animal Services Operations Manager, Tony Butler.  He says they did visit the home in November of last year.

They have no records of neglect. Butler did say he'll send another officer to the house Thursday morning.


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