The "tent" comes down in South Memphis

Neighbors in South Memphis are happy after crews tore down a tent that was not only an eyesore, but also a hot spot for drugs.

It all started with just one call to Action news 5's "Taking Back Our Neighborhoods" hotline.

The tent that stood on a hill near Preston and Waldorf in South Memphis is no more.

"This is part of the house closure from the Blue Crush operation we conducted on May 10th," says Lt. Howell Starnes with the Memphis Police Department.

It's the same Blue Crush Operation that landed tent-dweller Andrew Conard behind bars on drug charges.

Conrad gave us a tour of the tent earlier this month and we asked if the accusations about drugs at his tent were true.

When asked if the tent has ever been a hub for criminal activity, Conrad says, "there's never been a police car up here not one time to this property where the tent stands at."

Not true according to the MPD.

Turns out the police were there, undercover making an average of one drug buy every two weeks since January.

Some people bought drugs at the tent, others like Rosa Sanders did them.

"It's good they brought it down, cause I used to be in the tent, getting high thought I was doing something with my life but I wasn't," says Sanders.

After a stint at Jail East, Sanders is trying to turn her life around. She's happy the tent is gone.

So is Lennisha Johnson, "it's just they cause problems for my grandma's house that's all."

Johnson is just home from college. And while she's happy to see her grandmother, she can't stay with her.

Margie Thomas's home is so close to where the tent was it was declared a nuisance as well.

Thomas and her granddaughter are willing to sacrifice time together if it means keeping drug dealers out of the neighborhood.


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