Mid-South woman builds brick wall to protect family from gunfire

Memphis police want to know who shot a woman and the victim's neighbors want the shootings to stop.

Investigators say the unidentified woman was shot around midnight. Police say the suspects were driving a burgundy Plymouth van with tinted windows.

At least one of the victim's neighbor's already took action to protect her family from gunfire.

Gloria Moss doesn't mince words when it comes to violence in her neighborhood.

Fifteen years of living on McMillian Street has taught her that and forced her to build a brick wall around her porch.

"You better duck and your butt better hide." says Moss. "I got tired of hearing the gunshots and stuff. My grandkids at least can be behind a brick wall. It'll slow it down but it won't stop you from getting hit," she adds.

Moss says gunshots are almost as frequent as honking horns, "people need to calm they nerves. We ain't in Iraq."

Moss says she doesn't really have the option to pick up and move so she does her best to deal with what's around her.

"Bullet don't have no name. Look at that little child that got shot. She was riding her bicycle. Bullet went up and came down hit her in the head, now baby dead," says Moss.

Moss says the problem isn't one police can stop, it has to start with the people.

Moss knows exactly what she wants.

"Be like a good community, you know, where you don't have to run from bullets," Moss adds.


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