District 29 voters react to Ophelia Ford rant

They voted her into office and now folks living in District 29 sound off about Senator Ophelia Ford's rant.

Ford criticized the Department of Child Services employees during a public hearing. Now, Ford's supporters are criticizing her.

Some feel Senator Ford's health condition is getting in the way of her job. Others say she's being judged too harshly.

Either way, her actions pushed a button with constituents in District 29.

A buzz descended upon the city of Memphis after Senator Ophelia Ford had an outburst during a committee hearing in Nashville.

Voters in Ford's District 29 have mixed feelings about her actions.

"She appeared to me that she wasn't balanced too good," says one voter.

Leroy Hannah says, "it's always a lot made out of something that's nothing."

Ford lashed out at four witnesses during a legislative hearing on a bad audit of the Division of Children's Services.

The audit found the office took longer than the state mandated 60 days to complete child death investigations.

"You get with the professional associations you need to get with instead of what you're talking about that don't even make no sense," said Ford.

Some questioned if Ford should serve, while others didn't want to judge.

"I don't know what her situation is, so I don't think it would be fair for me to make a judgment," says District 29 voter Mayme Tuggle.

Billy Weaver adds, "they need to replace her. Let's face it. They can't let people who can't make decisions for us continue their job."

Ford checked into a hospital later that day.

In the past, she said she suffers from anemia after questions arose over why Ford missed most of the legislative session.


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