Cordova residents prepare to fight possible strip club

Neighbor in a Cordova neighborhood never thought they'd have to fight sex in the suburbs. They say they live in a family neighborhood and they want to keep it that way.

They want to make sure strip club kingpin Steve Cooper keeps his act clean in Cordova.

"I was in the fight with Platinum Plus in the early 90s. I saw it destroy my Fox Meadows neighbohood that's why I'm in it again," says Leanne McNinch.

The windowless building off Fischer-Steel road is what the fuss is all about.

Cooper plans to call it La Italiano but even his son calls it a front saying, "where do you think all the prostitutes and drug dealers went from Platinum and Tunica Cabaret, you think they went to another state? No they went to other clubs in this town," says Cooper Jr.

The Cordova Leadership Council is leading the charge. They say a strip club will only increase crime, decrease property values and drive other businesses away.

Steve Cooper's right-hand man did not want to talk at first but later defended the plans.

"There's never been any indication given by the company that anything other than an Italian restaurant would be built on this site," says Jeffery Schutt.

He says these people have nothing to worry about.

The property is zoned industrial where sexually oriented businesses are allowed to operate.


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