Investigators review evidence in West Memphis Three case

There are new developments in the case of the West Memphis Three; the three men convicted of murdering and mutilating three little boys 14 years ago this month.

For the first time ever, world-renowned forensic investigators are looking at evidence in the killings.

Two experts in bite marks, attorneys, investigators, two forensic pathologists, Michael Baden- who worked on high profile cases like O.J. Simpson, actor Robert Blake and NBA star Kobe Bryant, and Vincent DiMaio, who worked on the Scott Peterson case and the Arkansas prosecutor in the West Memphis Three case, all met at the state Crime Lab in Little Rock to look at evidence in the 14 year old case.

They spent almost two hours behind closed doors looking at wounds and what caused them in what could be considered the most horrific murder case in the Miid-South.

"The discussion we agreed would be privileged and will just continue to pursue these issues," says San Francisco Attorney Dennis Riordan.

Riordan, who heads the team, did not want to talk about what happened during the meeting but he did say there is movement toward getting a new trial for the West Memphis Three- Damien Echols, Jason, Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley.

"Both sides are really discussing some serious issues and doing it openly and its just really a fruitful exchange and we'll see where it all leads," adds Riordan.

No one else in the group would talk.

Prosecutor Brent Davis has been very closed mouthed about this whole thing.

Jessie Misskelley's father is hopeful the team will find something saying, "it's looking good. I hope they get results."

The West Memphis Three say they didn't do it.

A member of the investigative team in Little Rock says they hope to have a hearing on their findings by mid-summer that could lead to a new trial for the West Memphis Three.


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