EXCLUSIVE: Tunica County Sheriff's arrest dozens of women for selling sex

Sheriff's deputies are cracking down on sex for sale in Tunica County.

A recent prostitution sting nabbed more than 65 women.

Undercover Sheriff's Deputies in Tunica County wait for cues from a decoy then bust in and bust the girls.

Stings like the the one captured happen over and over again during a recent undercover operation on the casino strip.

Deputies arrested more than 65 women they say were selling sex.

In one clip, the girls tell the decoy what he'll get for his money. He counts it out and then gives the cue.

Tunica County Sheriff's Deputies say more prostitutes are coming to Tunica because Memphis is doing a better job of running them out of town.

One woman talked about travels to Biloxi. A camera catches her taking condoms out of her purse.

Another woman didn't get the chance to take off her clothes before Deputies being taken down by undercover officers.

And Tunica County Sheriff's Deputies say they'll keep conducting stings like these until prostitutes stop turning tricks in Tunica.


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