Citizens Against Crime announce plans to fight crime in Memphis

Citizens Against Crime announced their first initiative at Memphis City hall Friday.

The group is outraged after a neighbor was raped and robbed in her home by two repeat offenders out on probation.

And tonight, the group is not alone in its fight.

"We can do this," says Mia Henley with Citizens Against Crime.

Citizens Against Crime announced it's first plan of action at a City Hall press conference.

"Our first goal is to help support the legislation," says Elizabeth Norman.

CAC will go to the state capitol to demand Governor Bredesen fund the Crooks with Guns bill. Police say the suspects would not have been out on the streets if it was already law.

"Cancel your meetings. Reschedule other obligations. Do what it takes, but be there," says Mia Henley.

The scene in Nashville next week could be similar to last Tuesday when 150 people stormed a City Council Public Safety Committee meeting to demand safer streets.

Mayor Willie Herenton said he was glad to see unity, "this problem of crime has no respect for any of us."

Civic groups, from the SCLC to Stop the Killing, were there. Federal, state, county and local representatives and everyday citizens were also there.

Mayor Herenton adds, "I think this is a great beginning and I would encourage people to go to Nashville. We need tougher gun laws. We need tougher sentencing."

Senator Paul Stanley says with the CAC's involvement, a bill that had little hope may actually happen.

"We're coming down to the final weeks of the legislative session. Let's pass the bills that are going to affect July the 1st most likely," says Stanley.

But, he says the buck stops with Governor Bredesen.

Citizens Against Crime plans to go before the Budgetary Committee in Nashville next week.


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