Sen. Ford spends night in hospital after falling in hotel bar

Senator Ophelia Ford flies to Nashville from Memphis to go to work. While there, she stays at a hotel.

The day after her rant on Capitol Hill, she was at her hotel's private lounge, when she fell out of a bar chair.

It was Tuesday night at the Sheraton in downtown Nashville.

911 dispatchers got a call about what was going on in the Concierge Lounge on the 24th floor. The on-duty manager confirms he was trying to get help for hotel guest Senator Ophelia Ford.

Dispatchers asked the manager what was wrong with the patient.

The caller responds, "well, I don't necessarily know she's, she's extremely intoxicated so I can't tell."

Senator Ford spent one night in the hospital.

A reporter at our sister station in Nashville caught up with her Thursday at legislative plaza. It looks as though Senator Ford has clearly lost weight.

She didn't talk about her hospital stay, but she did discuss some aspects of her health.

"I'm feeling great, tired, not eating well and low on blood. All that kind of stuff," said Ford.

Ford says she's had three blood transfusions since August.