Fmr. housekeeper claims Judge Axley harassed her

"He said, well, can you just reach down my pants and give me a ___job?" says Karen Sisk.

Sisk easily recalls what she says came out of Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Fred Axley's mouth more than 10 years ago.

"And then he began to undo his pants," she says.

Sisk was working as a housekeeper inside Axley's Bartlett home. She says she was doing the dishes in the kitchen when the judge wanted to do something else.

"And I said, judge Axley, get out of here--trying to play it cool," recalls Sisk.

She says her reason for not pressing charges was simple.

"I was afraid to, because like I said, it would have been his word against mine," says Sisk.

She says she had a change of heart this week after hearing that Judge Axley was banned from a Florida resort and spa after an employee reportedly complained he asked her for oral sex following a massage.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff's Trespass Warning Report clearly states the judge "is barred permanently for sexual harassment of employees."

Nobody answered the door at Judge Axley's house. Our phone calls were not returned either.

"I feel very sure there's other women out there," says Sisk.

She says she hopes they find the courage to come forward too.

The judge faces no criminal charges. He told the Commercial Appeal the incident with the housekeeper never happened.

Two former clerks did file sexual harassment suits against Axley. One was dismissed. The other was resolved out of court.


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