EXCLUSIVE: Turning 16 never looked so Sweet

We're talking grand entrances, ice sculptures, cakes, tens of thousands of dollars for the perfect night you'll never forget and if you think we're talking about a wedding, think again.

Inspired by a popular and controversial MTV show, over-the-top, opulent sweet 16 parties are hot and some of the biggest are happening right here in the Mid-South.

Action News 5 reporter Syan Rhodes met three Mid-South teens, she went to three different parties and they all had one source of inspiration.

"We were watching MTV and we decided to do something very similar," says Javier Bailey.

"After watching Sweet 16, I was like I've gotta have one of those parties," says Katie Kattawar.

Katie Kattawar didn't just have one of those parties, her party actually made it onto the popular MTV show.

"MTV being here was really interesting, it made people go like crazy. They all wanted to be on television and I'm like they're not going to be filming you," says Kattawar.

"For the show on MTV, you've got to spend around $100,000 to get on the show," says Event Planner, Michelle Hope.

The Kattawars spent that and more.

"I'm hoping one day Katie can pay me back because she's becoming famous, agents calling her from California and the east coast. So I told her first thing to do, pay her daddy back," says Mike Kattawar.

Kattawar says he spent half a million dollars on the party.

These parties have cakes but they don't come from Betty Crocker. And the singing, that's a job left to the professionals.

Katie hired rapper Yung Joc for $85,000. Javier's concert included Frayser Boy of Three-6 Mafia and Sherika also had a hometown favorite, Yo Gotti.

If big celebrity performers are a hallmark of the perfect party, so are big gifts. That meant a custom made $125,000 car for Katie.

"I got my six door Hummer which I don't really drive right now, but I love it," says Katie.

Sherika got dazzling diamonds instead of a car.

Teens and parents agree, jealousy, desired or not, is a part of the party package.

Katie adds, "I'd be in the bathroom at school and people would be like, 'I can't believe she's getting such a big party' and I'm like, it's my birthday."

"I don't fall too deep in to the scrutiny part of it, but people do scrutinize everything you do," says Katie.

Still, in the end, they all say they'd do it again.

"They're 16 only once, and my son is very close to me and I want him to have the time of his life tonight," says Bailey.

Sweet 16 parties don't have to be all about self-indulgence. Both Sherika and Katie asked their guests to make donations benefiting charities in lieu of charging for admission.

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