Brother of State Senator Ophelia Ford says he's concerned

Early Sunday Morning Action News 5 reporter Ben Watson talked by phone with Commissioner Joe Ford - brother of state senator Ophelia Ford.

He expressed concerns about the way his sister has spoken out recently and says he wants to sit down and talk with his sister as soon as possible.

Joe Ford says he's not sure what prompted his sister to speak out at a hearing Monday and then try to explain her actions Friday in a phone interview with Action News 5's Donna Davis.

Ford says anemia, not alcohol, caused her to fall out of a chair at a Nashville hotel bar recently. The incident prompted a hotel worker to make a 911 call.

Ford says she was at the hotel bar to get some soup. And she told Donna Davis that she sees nothing wrong with her outburst at the legislative hearing.

Senator Ford indicated that she plans to work more closely with her doctors on her anemia problems.

Her brother Joe Ford says that he hopes to talk with his sister when she returns to Memphis later this week.