Commissioners consider resolution to keep topless dancing off table

On Monday, Shelby County Commissioners will consider a resolution to keep topless dancing off the table at a Cordova restaurant.

Strip club kingpin Steve Cooper is building La Italiano on Fischer-Steel Road near Germantown Parkway.

Neighbors say the building doesn't look anything like an Italian restaurant. It's two stories and has no windows.

Neighbors are worried it's going to be a strip club.

They say there is cause for concern because the building's owner has a reputation for putting in topless bars around the country.

As it stands, zoning conditions won't allow Cooper to turn the building into a strip club because it's withing 1500 feet of Cordova Church of Christ.

County Commissioner Steve Mulroy says he just wants to see Cooper comply with the law but the Commission may take it a step further and make it even harder for adult types of businesses to creep into Cordova.

"There's a new, what they call S.O.B. ordinance that we'll be considering, possibly adopting in next couple months that'd be stricter - licensing requirements. Restrictions on sale of alcohol, might be more difficult under the new ordinance, but now under the current law if it werent for that church, they'd be able to open as an adult business," says Mulroy.

We tried to contact Cooper to get his reaction to the ordinance. He did not return the calls.


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