Man charged with hiring hit man to kill family, including his wife and 7-year-old daughter

BOSTON (AP) - Authorities in Boston say a man's alleged plot to kill his wife, his young daughter and his mother-in-law included specific instructions to a hitman not to shoot the seven-year-old daughter in the head, so the funeral could be open casket.

Suspect John Orlowski is due in court today after his arrest on Friday. If he's convicted, Orlowski could face up to ten years in prison for trying to arrange the killings.

Court documents say Orlowski met the prospective hitman when they were both in prison. They say Orlowski approached the man once they were both out, but the man was troubled by the idea -- especially about killing a child -- so he told his mother. She called the FBI and the prospective hitman eventually helped law enforcement build a case.

Authorities say they took 121 guns from Orlowski's home. His wife had a restraining order against him.

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