'Every Saturday morning' -viewer submitted comment

May 2007 | David Grigsby writes:

It just so happens that I am currently 30 years old about to turn 31 on June 6. I grew up watching Dave Brown and he inspired my interest in weather. I can remember when the Weather Map was like drawings and placing stick-ons showing the weather. Now, we have the new technology and I still have a major interest in weather. I can see him yesteryears and today years in telling my family the weather on WMC-TV 5.  I can remember one time, "The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning". As a kid, we all hunkered down in the hallway.

Oh yes, every Saturday Morning, Dave Brown the Wrestling Announcer.... He was sooo great in talking about those wrestlers... I use to go every Monday (If no homework) with my parents to the coliseum to watch what continued on from Saturday Morning.

Happy 30 Years To A Person We Love and Holds Strong Dedication To The People in Memphis and the Mid-South.... Thanks to Also Dave Brown for giving a an inspiration in the weather. Even though I am a Social Worker, I sometimes "carefully with trained people" spot tornadoes... Carry on My Dear Friend!