Ophelia Ford's brother says it may be time for intervention

Ophelia Ford during a committee meeting in Nashville last Monday
Ophelia Ford during a committee meeting in Nashville last Monday

The brother of controversial State Senator Ophelia Ford got candid today about her troubles.

Senator Ophelia Ford has been in the spotlight since last week, after a rant on Capitol Hill that was apparently off the subject of the meeting.

Then came the 911 call for help after she fell off a bar stool in a Nashville hotel lounge.

Now, her brother, Joe Ford, says he's feeling unsettled after hearing his sister's interview with Action News 5's Donna Davis and he says the family is hoping to find some answers.

"There is a whole lot of concern with the Ford family," he said.

This comes after his sister, Senator Ophelia Ford, spoke with Action News 5's Donna Davis about falling off a bar stool and being rushed to a Nashville hospital.

A hotel employee told a 911 operator Ford was intoxicated.

"So you're saying you fell off the barstool because of your anemia? Yes.. And not eating," she told Davis.

"But you were in the bar? Yes, I was in the bar. But, I go to that sessions bar to get me some soup," she said.

That interview came days after the state senator lashed out during a committee meeting.

"Well, you look at it and see, you know that's not the Ophelia that you know," said Joe Ford.

He says no one in the family has been able to get in touch with his sister.

"If there's a medication that she's taking that would make her respond and act that way, if it's anemia, if it's these medications and even if it's alcohol, we need to get back with you all and let you all know and be honest with the citizens of this city what the problem is," he said.

But he says, either way, she needs support.

"You have to take care of the medical condition. And then if it's a drug problem there are also companies and government that are lenient with employees, if that's the problem," he said.

The family plans to reach out to Ophelia and her doctors to find out how to intervene.

Joe Ford told me he's interested in seeing a medical report, so he can understand what the family is facing.

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