TV-5 going digital

By the year 2006, the F-C-C's rules currently state that all analog broadcasts must be phased out completely. They will all be replaced by digital broadcasts.

Currently, the majority of programming you see is sent by an analog signal--like mechanical waves.

With a digital signal, the sound and images are sent electronically, giving a better quality, and stronger signal.

Action News Five is the first station in the Mid-South to broadcast in digital, beginning February 8th.

But television experts say to really reap the benefits of a digital signal, you need a HDTV--a different type of television set that's much wider than an ordinary screen, and has almost three times the resolution.

The average cost of a HDTV today can be more than $4,000, but just like VCR's and calculators eventually got cheaper, so will the HDTV.

The bottom line: watching television with a digital signal, especially on a HDTV, will be clearer, crisper, and much more life-like than ever before.