State Senator Ophelia Ford a no show for another Senate session

Ophelia Ford
Ophelia Ford

According to records, State Senator Ophelia Ford has missed three entire weeks in the Senate in Nashville since January.

She says she is anemic but it is becoming increasingly clear something else appears to be very wrong.

The Tennessee State Senators filed into the senate chambers at 5 p.m. Monday just as the session was beginning.

Senator Ophelia Ford was not with her fellow senators.

Senator Jim Kyle of Memphis said she didn't show up to a caucus meeting, either.

"Every Senator wishes she was here," says Kyle.

Senator Ford agreed to do an interview with Action News 5 reporter Janice Broach Monday at 4:30 at her office. She never showed up.

Janice called Ford at 4:50 p.m. She said she was still in her hotel room.  So she was interviewed by phone. It was rambling and sometimes incoherent and troubling.

We asked her why she didn't make it to the senate session, "All I can say to you, I'm doing the best I can," Ford said. "It's been a really rough today and I couldn't, I couldn't. I tried and I tried and I tried but the rest of the week I can make it to all of them," she added.

Ford says she has anemia.

"I don't have enough blood to even make it. They don't give you enough blood," said Ford.

Ford also said she can't eat, "I haven't been eating. I don't want nothing to eat. My doctor has said, 'you gotta eat, you gotta eat'," added Ford.

When asked if she would be able to attend the committee meeting on Tuesday, Ford responded, "Oh yeah. Yes m'am."

Stay tuned to Action News 5 and and we'll let you know if Ford attends Tuesday's meeting.


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