'Always Part of Our Life' -viewer submitted story

May 2007 | Ruth McGee writes:

What an asset to channel 5! I remember watching you back when you were on the Dialing for Dollars movie. That was so enjoyable and you were always the one we watched for the weather! I guess I have grown up with you because I remember watching you when I was in elementary school. I grew up in Germantown,back when it was a little country town with 2 gas stations, a drug store, and a little grocery store. Hard to believe that now, but I remember my mom saying, "Come on and sit down,it's time for Dave Brown and the Dialing for Dollars movie." That was always so much fun! My mom always thought you were so handsome; and I have to agree with her! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you were always a part of our life and you'll always be in our hearts Dave!

Happy Anniversary and hope you never retire because channel 5 wouldn't be the same without you!