30 Years with Dave Brown: Looking back at Dave's legendary career

He's the man to turn to when you need to know the weather forecast. And this year we celebrate 30 years of Dave Brown at Action News 5.

It all started in May of 1977, when hansome, dark-haired Dave Brown walked into the WMC-TV5 weather office. "Everybody does know Dave by his hair."

Over the years his hair has changed from that dark-brown to a very recognizable white. "I think people do use it as something they spot in a crowd," says Dave. "I can be driving down the street and of course usually I have the top down in the summertime but um a lot of folks see the hair and recognize me and that's again a trademark I guess."

The hair's changed, the clothes have too.

We've seen him dressed casually, and in black tie.  In the late 70's he wasn't afraid to wear a wide collar and he braved the skinny tie in the early 80's.

Over 30-years Dave's met a host of celebrities. He even let actress Carol Channing be a guest forecaster once. "How perfectly beautiful a Dave Brown umbrella," she said.

He's hosted some of the hottest matches in Memphis. "You say maybe you're going to be able to give us some help with this guy here. You're on the case and I think we're going to need all the help we can get with the king."

Dave says meeting interesting people is one of the perks of being in television. A perk he doesn't take for granted. "You get to do things that you wouldn't get to do so well otherwise," he said. "Meet people that you admire, in the entertainment business, politics and other businesses."

A trusted forecaster, Dave's mastered the latest technology but he's not too scared to try out older methods. "This was the scientifically based forecast you were talking about at 5? I don't think I ever used the word scientific."

When onions didn't work a quarter did. "When the forecast doesn't work out, I result to the old coin flip," he says.

30 years. That's three decades, thousands of newscasts, hundreds of changes but only one Dave Brown. "And thanks to our engineer for letting us borrow his train. All aboard "weather" you're ready or not."